SEO and digital marketing

Whether it is just a personal website or a multinational company webportal, we will help to set and deliver your digital marketing targets by improving your positions in Google and bringing that target audience to the website.

The main target for any website is too satisfy its customers or readers needs. Whether the website is providing information or selling goods, in order to reach its audience, it should be foundable.

There are two main ways to attract new visitors to the website: via paid advertisement or through organic search. Organic search means that your potential clients get to your website through search engine, while looking for something.

Paid Advertisement is a great option, however you have to keep in mind that it would attract visitors only as long as you have it up. Therefore, investing in SEO services is considered to be more economical as the effect of it would last longer.

SEO is a set of techniques and activities which are performed to let Google (and other search engines) know that your website is functioning well and that it has relevant and valuable information.

What would you get and how long would it take?

  1. Get in touch with us and we would perform a quick free website analysis for you and compare it to your competitors.
  2. With this information in mind, we would then have a chat with you to understand your needs, your clients and your current situation better. After that we should be able to see whether your business would benefit from our services and we will come up with a SEO/online marketing strategy for you.
  3. If your options would include Search Engine Optimisation, we would then agree on appropriate budget.
  4. Then, we would ask you to provide access to your website (it is safe, we never write passwords on stick-it notes) and after that you would be able to relax and wait for your new clients.
  5. SEO is a lengthy process and normally you would be able to see first results in 2-6 months time.