Russian social media management

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Why Russian?

Russia is the 6th largest country by number of Internet users. This doesn’t include Russian speaking Kazakhstan, Ukraine and others. 277 millions people speak Russian all over the world.

Russian online market has just entered its active growth stage. The main penetration barrier for this developing market is a language barrier. Unlike most Internet markets in the world, Google doesn’t dominate the search engine market, as Russian speakers prefer to use their own search engine Yandex and a few smaller ones.

Also, Facebook is not popular among Russian speakers due to the same reason.  Russian social media market is shared among a few major social media networks. Odnoklassniki,, and even Facebook are failing to compete with the most popular social network

Vkontakte has 25 million users and 61 million unique visitors that generate a total of 85 billion page views a month. Russian visitors to Vkontakte spend an average of 30 minutes per visit which is 230% longer than Russian Facebook users.

Since language has been one of the barriers that Google and Facebook have encountered in Russia, smart lead generation companies should considering developing sites with Russian  language, to capture related audiences.


85% of the online population in Russia are active on social networks Russian is now the second most used language on the web 277 millions people speaks Russian all over the world aka
VK is Russian analogue of Facebook used by tens of millions of people every day. Marketing opportunities are endless with business pages, groups and paid ads.

Twitter in Russian
7,4 million of active users only from Russia(April 2015)


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